Board Message – April 2019

Will spring commit already?  Every day it’s a mystery as to whether we need a coat, light layers, shorts.  But hey, we did it!  Winter is OVER!  I love all my seasons, but I welcome spring with loving arms.  I can open my windows and feel all the germs weakening (and my allergies strengthening…but hey.  I can deal).

With warmer weather, comes more play-date opportunities.  We all begin to creep out of hibernation and hit up the park a little more often.  We attempt to attend the events we all say we are “interested” in on Facebook.  And with that, I do ask that you remember our group of Moms.  Whenever possible, invite people to join you to Touch-A-Truck, Hop Along the Bunny Trail, or to Welcome Back the Monarch Butterflies (all actual events).  I hope to attend as many as I can, and will certainly let you know where we are going and when.  The more, the merrier!

Jen D. MSMAC Board Secretary