Board Message – August 2018

What are members saying are their favorite aspects about being a part of MSMAC? We asked and here how our members responded.
-“I’m not from this area. Neither me nor my husband works locally. We really didn’t know anyone around here when we had our son. Our local support system was non-existent, and suddenly I was staying home everyday with this little creature that really wasn’t much of a conversationalist yet. I was incredibly lonely, and really struggling. Now, I actually know people! I can go to the grocery store and see familiar faces. I have people to share all my parenting joys, challenges, and embarrassing anecdotes with. I have women who will explore the community with me, and give me the best recommendations and advice. I get to meet new people all the time, and I have a built-in ice breaker. I have an excuse to throw ridiculous toddler theme parties, and people that will actually come to them! Thanks to MSMAC, Adams County is finally starting to feel like home to me.”
-“The support and advice from moms a little further down the “parenting path”.”
-“When I first joined my favorite thing was getting introduced to all the great things this area has for kids. Later, the chance to get my kids together with small groups of other kids was my favorite thing.”
-“My son’s first friends are other MSMAC-lings.”
-“Our favorite things about MSMAC have been the regular preschool group meetings and friendships made through it. We have also loved the tradition of a member hosting annual gingerbread house decorating. My boys look forward to it every year.  “
-“Personal connections – I’ve made some amazing lifetime friends thanks to this group.”
-“ I enjoy the walking group and the motivation of meeting others to get a workout.”
– “ I am so grateful to MSMAC for providing a resource for new and seasoned moms to share advice and support in this crazy journey of motherhood.”
– “ When I first joined, I was nervous about going to another members’ house for a potluck.  I didn’t know them or anyone else who’d be attending, but my son was 3 mo old and I HAD to get out of the house to have an adult conversation.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I left the event not feeling like the new stranger anymore.  I am so grateful to MSMAC for providing the framework to get out of my comfort zone to make lasting friendships and connections.”
Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey.  We are thankful to each member for being a part of our MSMAC community.  Every time you attend an event, donate to our community outreach programs, comment to someone’s post in our Facebook member forum, invite the group to a play date, or say “ hi” to a new member you’ve never met, you make our group stronger.
Thank you for being a part of Moms Supporting Moms of Adams County!
Morgan S.
MSMAC President