Board Message – March 2019

Spring Greetings!

Does anyone else feel like they are slowly coming out of hibernation too?  March is like the month that got away for me (as you can probably tell by this late-in-the-month message)!  But now spring is officially here — I hope to see many of you outside soon, whether it’s downtown at the market, on park playdates, or other adventures!

A friend posted this about the ripple effect recently and it reminded me of our group of kind, supportive women.  Each of you bring a unique perspective and gift to MSMAC as a whole.  I know this group and them women in it have made a difference to me as I transitioned into my new role as “Mom,” and I try to share that support with other new parents I encounter.  Whether you participate in crafts, mom’s-night-outs, playdates, or our philanthropic efforts, know that you are making a difference to our kids, MSMAC members, and Adams County Community!


Esther Philanthropy Coordinator

PS — March is also full of those offbeat “holidays’ that proliferate these days.  March 25th is Waffle Day which I will certainly be celebrating!  I hope you do too 🙂