Board Message – April 2019

Will spring commit already?  Every day it’s a mystery as to whether we need a coat, light layers, shorts.  But hey, we did it!  Winter is OVER!  I love all my seasons, but I welcome spring with loving arms.  I can open my windows and feel all the germs weakening (and my allergies strengthening…but hey.  […]

Board Message – March 2019

Spring Greetings! Does anyone else feel like they are slowly coming out of hibernation too?  March is like the month that got away for me (as you can probably tell by this late-in-the-month message)!  But now spring is officially here — I hope to see many of you outside soon, whether it’s downtown at the market, on park […]

Board Message – February 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day, MSMAC! When I joined MSMAC, I first came to recognize many of you as a name on the roster, or an email address in my inbox. As I gradually overcame my shyness and actually started attending and hosting events, I began to be able to match actual people to those names on the list, […]

Board Message – January 2019

Happy New Year Moms! I hope everyone had a great holiday season!   In our house, we’ve been relishing the slow-ness that January and a couple of snow storms can bring.  As a result, we’ve been doing a lot more reading than usual. Lately, one of my son’s favorites is I Can Handle It! by Laurie Wright.  It’s part […]

Board Message – December 2018

Hello lovely ladies of MSMAC! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kathy J. and I serve as Treasurer on the MSMAC board.  On behalf of the board, I want to thank you for your generosity and support of our philanthropic projects over the past year.  When we looked back at how much the group had […]

Board Message – November 2018

Hi Mamas!  As I enter the second trimester of my current pregnancy, I am personally grateful to be feeling much better physically and emotionally.  I am also thankful for the friendships I have made in this group that allowed me to be vulnerable the last couple months when I needed some extra emotional support. Our […]

Board Message – October 2018

Hi Moms, If it could just stop raining already!! My son literally wakes up every day and tells me it is raining- I know buddy it sure feels like it rained everyday this summer! Hopefully it will start feeling like fall and not rain ( or snow) until after Turkey day. Fall is my favorite […]

Board Message – September 2018

Hi Moms! It’s FALL, ya’ll! There is so much to celebrate – kids heading to school, the chill in the air, football, pumpkin everything, big sweaters, fun farm adventures, and my personal favorite…the mystical changing colors of the leaves! Whatever new beginning this fall brings to you and your family, I hope it brings cheerfulness […]

Board Message – August 2018

What are members saying are their favorite aspects about being a part of MSMAC? We asked and here how our members responded. -“I’m not from this area. Neither me nor my husband works locally. We really didn’t know anyone around here when we had our son. Our local support system was non-existent, and suddenly I was […]

Board Message – July 2018

Hi Mamas,   Happy mid Summer 2018! Whhhhaaaat?!!    Speaking of time passing, last month at our Annual Spring Banquet, we celebrated the end of our MSMAC year which runs June-May.   This year, in a lovely private upstairs suite at The Parrot in downtown Gettysburg, we honored the board members and event coordinators who have served from June 2016- […]