Board Message – November 2018

Hi Mamas!

 As I enter the second trimester of my current pregnancy, I am personally grateful to be feeling much better physically and emotionally.  I am also thankful for the friendships I have made in this group that allowed me to be vulnerable the last couple months when I needed some extra emotional support. Our kids have it figured out: sometimes you really just need a hug for it to all be better.
November is here and so is the official season of taking moments to recognize the abundance in our lives wherever we can find it.  Since gratitude has felt out of reach for a couple months,  I have been searching google for positive sentiments to pull me through.  In honor of Thanksgiving this month, here is one list taken from Abundant,  I thought you might appreciate or need to read like me:

Here are 50 Often Overlooked Motherhood Joys to be Thankful For Today:

  1. When your child is no longer sick, or constipated.
  2. Not yelling all day.
  3. Strange, funny and difficult conversations.
  4. A clean plate.
  5. Seeing your child light up at the sight of you.
  6. Saying yes to something wonderful.
  7. Naps together.
  8. The sounds of giggles and jumping on the bed.
  9. Camping out under a fort.
  10. Sweet sticky fingers wrapped in your own.
  11. A child who picks up a book to read on her own.
  12. Cold winter days to gather around for family time.
  13. Warm summer days to run free and wild with mile-long smiles.
  14. Brisk autumn days to relish the much-needed fresh air.
  15. Breezy spring days to witness rebirth of the earth together.
  16. Belly laughs.
  17. Friday night fun.
  18. Sleeping in past 6 a.m.
  19. Going to bed before 10 p.m.
  20. Chocolate lips.
  21. Family dance parties.
  22. Long, wandering walks.
  23. Creating something beautiful together.
  24. Warm hugs.
  25. Kid-made anything.
  26. Children singing in the shower.
  27. When your child washes a dish for the first time without being asked.
  28. Easy peaceful mornings.
  29. Easy peaceful bedtime routines.
  30. Healthy well check ups.
  31. A well-received dinner you worked so hard to make!
  32. Siblings playing nicely together.
  33. Quiet time.
  34. Baking together and getting messy.
  35. Snuggling together and reading or just talking.
  36. Little tiny love notes and poems.
  37. Random hugs.
  38. Getting the house cleaned for company.
  39. A full night’s sleep.
  40. Long, winding children’s stories with no clear ending or beginning.
  41. Slow family days.
  42. Watching a child do something you didn’t know they could do on their own.
  43. Songs that make our children dance and laugh and happy.
  44. Tear-free days by the kids.
  45. Tear-free days by you.
  46. Spending one-on-one time together.
  47. Making your child laugh.
  48. Sweet morning snuggles.
  49. Discovering nature together.
  50. Being the first — and last — to see them each day.
What would you add to the list?
Morgan S
MSMAC President